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Brian Vasey - guitar / vocal:


Grew up and still live in the North East of England. Learned to love music at a very early age, being shown the ways of the guitar at the age of 4 by my cousin Jack Rontree, who was a superb Rock & Roll guitarist. Sadly he is no longer with us. His first electric guitar was a Red Futurama Duo when he was 9. He now has many guitars, but guitar of choice, is his Gibson Les Paul 59' Standard. Played in bands throughout his life so far and has had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the greatest musicians this world of music has to offer. A lot of his best friends have been met through music, be it fan based or other. He was Support for PETER GREEN with his band BLUZEHOUSE on Peter’s comeback tour in '97 with SPLINTER GROUP. Fronted OFFICERS CLUB, played guitar for SIX OF THE BEST, SIX NO MORE, THE RETURN OF THE WIZARD in '85-'86, UK ROCK LEGENDS (Animals / Roxy Music off shoot) plus a number of years as a solo artist. Just had fantastic first visit to New York City playing gigs at The Bitter End, Bleeker Sstreet, Greenwich Village and Monster B's in Connecticut.


He has released 6 solo albums, see Discography but includes."Dark by Nightfall", 2011, "Leaning on the Blues" 2013 and "Sea of Emotion" 2014. He has seen many Ghosts in his life,  doesn't know why, but believe him they do exist! Formed new band November 2014 " BRIAN VASEY GHOSTBAND" blues rock power trio now just referred to as the GHOSTBAND.