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Chris Bennett - drums / backing vocal:  



His career has moved from punk, (when he started drumming to the public, pretty much never having played before) to blues rock in  Ghostband. His 1st serious band called DIVIDED CAMPS, then on to Thrash Metal with LEGACY (he still have demos on a 4 track reel to reel), Heavy Metal with the mighty VHF, Derek Lyon (Vocals) some minor interest with Radio Play on local pirate stations in London and with the 2nd VHF incarnation a hit on Pappo Ripper 's radio show in Belgium, and Music (Take it to the Limit, Vocals Graz) featured in a German film Kleine Haie, Thrash / Blues Metal courtesy of EGYPT with Alan Fish (Bass) and Eric Chipulina (Guitar), leading on to a stint with Tony McPhee as a GROUNDHOG.


Representing Heavy Rock, had time spent with both PAUL D’IANNOS BATTLEZONE and Paul Samson in a reformed SAMSON with Chris Aylmer (Bass). Then a couple of dates with Eric Bell’s THIN LIZZY, and after a break from the skins for a couple of years, he moved up to Middlesborough where the Northeast music scene encouraged him back to playing. The last few years he has been playing with local bands and musicians in many different genres. Joining local metal merchants BLACK ROSE currently writing and recording new songs for the next album, helping out Hammer at the last Brofest in Newcastle, and depping for anyone / everyone he could, eventually meeting Brian Vasey, guitar and Barry Skeels, bass & now playing in GHOSTBAND.